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Melanie Channell is a certified spiritual counselor/tarot reader, life coach, Numerologist, spiritual/energy healer teacher, crystal healer, and angel enthusiast. She has been certified in over 40 energy healing modalities and has been studying spirituality and empowerment concepts for over 25 years.

Melanie finds joy in helping people clear out old energy patterns and learning to take responsibility for their own healing process. She is passionate about empowering people to make choices that will steer them toward their life purpose and personal happiness.

Melanie enjoys teaching regular workshops in Numerology, Tarot, angel communication, crystal healing and other energy healing modalities. She is currently working on a writing project that stars one of our most beloved arch angels and a Numerology/healing workbook.

Melanie is an assistant organizer for the Psychic Enhancement Meetup Group in the Sacramento area. You can find the group at

She has also started a new podcast The Healers View Show on

Melanie is available for Numerology readings, tarot readings/spiritual counseling, and healing sessions in person, by phone, e-mail or Skype. See Services.