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Numerology Readings

Numerology is the science of numbers, the energy that is associated with them, and how they relate to your direction in life. Numerology reveals parts of your personality, talents, challenges, karmic lessons, how you relate to people, best career choices, and much more. It can help you better understand yourself and the people in your life. It can also tell you who you are most compatible with, and what you’ll experience at different times of your life. A numerology reading can help you recognize when you’re traveling down the wrong path, or assist in identifying the right one.

Melanie’s Numerology readings are not from a canned computer program. She uses her intuition and knowledge of the numbers energies to give you a solid understanding of your Numerology profile. A professionally written Numerology report is also included.

Numerology Reading (includes full Numerology profile written report and 45 minute reading in person or by phone)