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Tarot Readings

Numerology Readings

Numerology Reading (includes full Numerology profile written report and 45 minute reading in person or by phone)

Life Purpose Readings

Using The Life Purpose Oracle Cards deck, Numerology (core numbers), and intuition, a life purpose reading will assist you in discovering the mission and talents you are meant to develop and lessons to work through for your soul growth in this lifetime. Knowledge is power, and once you tap into your core strengths and work on releasing your limitations, it can propel you into the life you are meant to live “on purpose”.

Customized Energy Healing

Customized energy healing sessions assist you in achieving balance; spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. These sessions help to unblock, charge and rebalance your chakras and clear your aura to its natural healthy state. Melanie works with over 40 energy healing modalities (including Reiki and Chios Energy Healing) and also uses crystals and angel energy to create a customized healing that corresponds to your needs.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a method of healing that uses the vibrations of stones and crystals to promote healing and help restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. The human body has a complex electromagnetic energy system and crystals have been found to be perfect electromagnetic conductors. Their vibrations can be very beneficial in helping our bodies to heal themselves. Melanie uses crystals and crystal energy healing modalities for her crystal healing sessions.

Chios Energy Healing

A Chios energy healing session will include powerful techniques to clear your aura, unblock, charge and rebalance chakras and rid your energy system of energy impurities and defects. It can greatly improve your health and well-being and can help in reducing the effects of stress.

Chios Energy Healing Distance Class I, II, III

$50.00 per level
Chios Energy Healing includes powerful techniques such as: chakra charging, chakra rebalancing, correction of energy flow, aura charging, unblocking chakras, sealing leaks and tears, and more. Chios is taught in three levels.

The first attunement opens the healing student’s ability to channel healing energy through your hands. You will learn to work with and conduct energy through your hands and will begin to sense the human energy field using the passing of hands method. You will also learn the hand positions for healing treatments.


The second attunement greatly increases the ability of your hands to channel energy, color and light. “It creates in you the ability to shape the light”. You will learn to seal leaks and tears in the aura, aura clearing, unblock chakras, aura charging, and correction of energy flow. You will start to learn to see the aura and chakra colors and how to use light in healing.


The third attunement is a very powerful attunement. It accelerates your ability to draw in and channel energy, color, and light to the highest level. In this level, you will learn chakra system rebalancing, chakra charging, correcting structural energetic defects, 7th layer focal healing, and other tools useful in your healing practice. The final attunement is the Master Attunement. This attunement will enable you to attune students to this system of Energy Healing.


There should be 1-2 weeks waiting time in between the first and second attunement. You should wait at least 1 month before receiving the third attunement.

Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching

$100.00 per hour
Due to the time and commitment involved with this process, please contact Melanie for more information on this service.